Image as a Soul’s Hunter

1. Emotional honesty – is something that all filmmakers are hunting for because it evokes emotions, it awakens empathy in viewer’s hearts. When we see a successful man in the business suit on the street, we feel nothing towards him and imply that he has a normal life, an average income, at least that everything in his life moves in the right direction. But what do we see on Gillian Wearing’s experimental photo?

A man in the suit, successful, from the first sight, has a text in front of him saying that he’s desperate. Why? The first emotion that I feel is a curiosity, why so? What can be wrong with him? Nice appearance, good job, or at least the illusion of a good job. He lost his hope, he doesn’t believe any more.

We are hiding a lot of emotions within ourselves nowadays, the tension insight can increase but externally the person would try to keep calm in order to avoid judgement. People want to look normal no matter what, even if they have a hurricane of emotions inside of them. The scale of that «fake reality» sometimes can be scary, people go insane, fall into depression, even commit suicides. Being desperate is to be one step from it.
If I were going on the street and some reporters will ask me to write what do I feel, – I’ll write some message to the world in a Nietzsche style, like «Love yourself before you can love your neighbor as you love yourself». It’s not the same as being egoistic or selfish – it’s about filling the holes within yourself. No holes- no desperate feelings. If you at least don’t lie to yourself – you’ll not feel depressed.

2. Nine letters of happiness, nine letters of freedom, nine letters of hope. HOLLYWOOD… What is it about? This sign is the most important advertisement, that was created in 1923 on hollywood hills. Originally the massive billboard consisted from13 letters, they were heavy and sparkly and it was created as a huge bait for those who are looking for money and glory.

Images can convince you 10 times more than simple words. Especially today, when people are driven by «instagram» marketing, pictures cost more than simple words, much less people will «like» and «share» your nice «plain» text, than a bright image. This tendency has a lot with a «saving time» issue. We like pictures because it’s a concentrate of words in one image, especially when this picture was created on purpose to «send us a message».

Art can direct your mind in a way an author wants, it can cheer you up:

or make you feel that without something your happy life is impossible:

Images control our lives, they always want something from us, there are not a one image in the world that has no intention or desire to evoke something in somebody, it’s almost always an arrow that is flying to our brains with some idea or message, hypnotizing us with some ideas.
People do use the power of images to manipulate the audience as a War propaganda tool, sometimes with a help of photoshop.

«Photoshop reality» becomes a reality in a viewer’s mind. It leaves a trace in our memory like it is a true image even if we know that it’s fake. It makes an image to become a weapon.
If we return to the Hollywood sign, – it’s not dishonest, it’s not promising «to marry» someone or an eternal love, people who come here with the hope make their own choice. And no matter that they were lured by an optic illusion of «gloss and shine» of 9 letters on the mountain.

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