Plato’s Cave: who hides underneath the truth?


Do we see what is real or do we see what we want to see or, worse, what somebody wants us to see.


Perception of objects is based on the templates that everyone has in it’s mind, while we are scanning the view, our brain is busy and tries hard to find a proper pattern to identify it. The psychological set of human’s mind is quite complicated. Once we establish an object and give it the name it’s hard to “untag” it from the brain. That’s how prejudices and generalizing ideas work, when people try to “lump everyone together.”


This dramatic escape from the shark is obviously fake but millions of people in the world in the early 2000’s thought that it’s real. They sent this image to each other back and forth trying to surprise each other. This image has become iconic, people like to be tricked sometimes, they don’t want to doubt in their “eyes’ truth”. The pattern “I see – it means it’s real” wasn’t just born, it’s old, it leaves with people since the beginning of the civilization.

How to trick the nation, “to play” on people’s nerves in all times there were some “extra humorous minds” who knew what to do.


Back in the 1930’s before World War II radio was a very vital source of information. One of the greatest directors of all times Orson Welles was a very humorous person, so he decided to make a joke that induced a terror in radio listeners’ s mind, he faked the news and said that the alien invasion was in progress. This prank raised his popularity enormously, he has become famous because of that. This magic formula of success is still with us nowadays “A bad reputation is better than no reputation at all ”. Black PR can be more helpful sometimes for promotion than the good news from someone’s life. That’s why we see all the time “Star #1 is on drugs”, “Star #2 was naked in the public place”, “Star #3 is trying to become a president and can’t stop saying outrageous things, increasing his/her index of popularity.”

One of the most popular illusions in psychology is Ebbinghaus’ Tichtener Circles: Which center circle is bigger, the one on the right or the one on the left?


The thing is that they are equal, but they doesn’t seem to be. The same trick applied in social networks. People do believe that what they “see” is real, all “instagram” stars do know that. They use “projected images” to translate success, to seem bigger than they are, smarter than they are, funnier than they are, prettier than they are, much more successful and many more… “than they are”. It’s like a game: the more people will believe in their illusion, the more it’ll become true. The more followers you have, the more doors begin to open to you.

I guess it’s ok when you use a black PR to promote yourself as soon as you don’t include other people in this “public shame honor”.

Dani Mathers, a famous former playboy model, decided to post a naked woman online in her Snapchat, while she was taking shower in the gym. Moreover, she was making fun, commenting the defects of her figure. She was massively judged by society, banned from that gym chain and fired from her work. But what is it about? People can be easily disgraced by others when they don’t even expect something like that. Is it a new “social network weapon”? Everyone who has a phone has become a tabloid reporter, people issue its own magazine without censorship, without any quality control, just their “thoughts on the plate”, low-brow journalism as it is.


Time and fashion destroy even such untouchable images like a cross. Nowadays the cross is more a jewelry on the neck than a religious symbol.


Is fashion meaningful for our culture? What does it bring to our World? Emptiness or abundance of feelings? Fashion make reproducible replications of symbols and sue it in its labels of brands. It helps to humanize, generalize the sacred meaningful symbols, to put them “down to Earth”.




When you look on the image through your computer can you feel the aura of the place? No, you just have the free sample of an object, some kind of an advertisement, but the way to feel, to touch the aura, you need to go there, to be near the source. For example, to go hiking or to watch like somebody else is doing that is two different things, to breathe the ocean at the exact location or to look at the beautiful commercial of “Bounty chocolate” paradise is not the same.


But someone does create a beautiful world on screen to lure people into a consuming process. Consume, eat, wear, buy – that’s what the ad wants you to do. It’s not about aura, it’s something about manipulation and money-management, the mind is on, the soul is off.

Meanwhile, the aura of things is about feelings, the inner nature of our common life, if you really enjoy the Simpsons and laugh till the tears run down, or cry when Leo dies in Titanic – these are the real emotions, they are not fake. Once you feel something – it’s authentic.







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