The Bechdel test

This is a quite interesting idea that movies reflect men and women’s status. I have never noticed this phenomenon until I knew The Bechdel test. I watch movies on purpose to test this idea, most movies that I saw fail The Bechdel test. I find a movie that passes this test in some part.

1)    The movie Mirror Mirror is what I want to talk about. This movie passes the Bechdel test because it is mainly about the conflicts between two women. The two women characters are Snow White and Queen. The first conversation that they have is:

Queen: Is your bedroom on fire? Because I’m searching for an explanation as to why you would be out of your bedroom and in here, and my first guess was fire.

Snow White: I thought maybe I could come to the gala, you know, because today is my 18th birthday.

Queen: Is it, now? Oh, my. Snow White, maybe it is time I ease up on you. Hmm? After all, you’ve done nothing to me, caused no problems. And yet, there is something about you that’s just so incredibly irritating. I don’t know what it is. The slumped shoulders. The hair, that voice. I hate your hair. I don’t care if it’s your 100th birthday. Don’t ever sneak into a party like this again. It is important to know when you’ve been beaten.

Obviously, this conversation is not about a man.


2) The queen wears a very fancy dress and beautiful make up. I think it is “attractive”. Her body and dress show her power and high status. Although she is not very young, she is still very attractive.


The Snow White also wears a beautiful dress. She is young and naïve. I think her body is small and desirable; the camera shoots from the high angle, men would like to protect her.



The prince is half naked. I think that his body is desirable. This is the first time that the prince meets the queen, he has a very strong body and looks sexy, the queen almost immediately decided to marry him.


3)    This test is important because it says a phenomenon that whether the world is Male-dominated, the women is only the accessory. Although some movies have a lot of women characters, the women’s main topic is still about men. I have never noticed this until I watch movies on purpose to observe this test. It is difficult for me to find a movie has two female characters but their topic is not about a man. This means we still live a world that Male-dominated. Screenwriters still think that women are weak and man is the main character. Now, most movies in the film market are leaded by man or both man and woman, only a few movies talk about two women. If the two women’s topic is not about the man, it is even more less. As a woman, I feel shocked when I try to find a movie passes the test. I want to say actually the topic between two women is not always about man, we still have a lot of more things to do or talk with women.


4) I don’t think there is a big change about advertising. The adverting is still leaded by women. The adverting’s aim is to sell products. Woman is more attractive. Most adverting is about food and necessary, so who is doing the housework from long time ago to now? Man is more rational, this means it is difficult to attract a man to buy something just based on the advertising, but woman is emotional.

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