Blog #1 – Jiaxing Wu

Berger’s opinion about art is unique and creative. I never thought reproduction and recreative art in that way. I understand his word and I totally agree with it.
Recreate and reproduced arts bring a new era in the art field. It makes art not far away from the public and it not only exists in nobility.
There are many books were published and sale in popular. More and more people can give their “professional” opinions about arts. They are not really knowing or even like arts. They just read some books talks about art, painting and those people only get surface knowledge about those excellent works. The behavior that they give their “professional” opinions can be seen as a representation of getting into nobility. Gradually, people’s thoughts are limited when they see certain works, especially those works they used to see in books.
Widely spread art is a two sides sword. People in all over the world has an opportunity to know and see great arts. At the same time, recreate works also means fake works. People who are not really interested in art, they will only focus on popular paintings or sculptures.
Thus, in my opinion, recreate or reproduced arts expands the audience of art but at the same time, decreased the value of arts.



Based on the reading material, the representation means that the use of language and image to create meaning about the world. (Cartwright, 12)
This painting is created by Chinese famous painter Ma Yuan, who born in Song dynasty (10 century) and he is famous for his painting. He painted many Chinese paintings and most of them are about Nature.
This one is about water, it also can be seen as a part of ocean or lake. From surface aspect, the artist tries his best to show the movement of water flowing. It looks real and full of the sense of movement. At the same time, based on the Chinese culture, the ocean also mean mystery, freedom, and infinity. Thus, in this painting, the background is bland and I think that empty space means everything.
Denotative and connotative meaning is a pair of antonym. Denotative means the basic or original meaning and connotative meaning means what image implies, with social context. In this painting. The denotative meaning is a beautiful view of the water. The connotative meaning is uncertain, changeable life and the desire for freedom.
The way I understand Mimesis is simply copied. This painting is difficult to find mimesis in it. It artist puts more his own feeling in it. If I have to find something in this work fit for mimesis, the artist picked the shape of a wave and his painting inspired by that unique shape.

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