Blog post#1 “Ways of seeing” -Yu Wang

For some reasons I don’t agree about Bergers opinion. Actually I understand he just looking at the art picture especially about the old painting from masterpieces. But he did not notice about the trend for the developed technology is the future. I understand what he worried about is the harmful part of the new technology—reproduction.


However it also has the good part such as how convenient it is for people to get in touch with the art world which is so much difficult for normal or lower class people to do in the history. Also, reproduction has a lot of ways like the modern street painting or the photo even the film. We can see a lot of films they got a super beautiful shot which is reference or take example by the famous painting.


I never think that millions of great old paintings created by genius should just be in the museum which is few people can see them or have the chance to feel them. I really think art is product that is created by human in human’s real life. So, the real art should be seen by human and it only works and worthy when the human beings look at it and get its meaning.


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