Blog post#2-“Practice of looking”-yu wang

1) I want to talk about the pretty girl with the determined and angry eyes one. But I don’t really remember the name of that picture. The emotion is strong just because the eye contacts that from her straightly to the camera. It is kind of looking at the audience and staring us. We just feel all the emotions from her eyes. We can also feel that super strong emotion with the soft background color as well. The color also uses the complementary color to light the girl up and wake people attention. It also represented some things that not really good, but the girls eyes tell people it is a such bad thing.


2) The picture represent the girl hates the war and hates the enemy maybe she hates that cruel people make her homeless too. People like to represent something different with their essence. I think there are 3 reasons to do that.


Firstly, it is universally acknowledged that people like beautiful things which is more attractive to the audience. Because the art is a human creative which is service for people entertainment or appreciation.


Secondly, when people really look something and think about its meaning then people will feel get something specially for their own and people will look it as a treasure. So, generally it just makes the pictures more make sense to the audience.


To the last, I think it sometimes is a way to avoid found easily by the people in charge the society that afraid of the message to send. It is kind of more suit in the past of Chinese society. Literature sometimes uses the totally different story to irony talked about the old ugly unfair society system.


3) For the denotative for this picture just a pretty girl with the nice color dress and look to the camera angrily and determined.

For the connotative meaning is about to hate the war and hate this world and she can die with this people which ruins the peace world and ruins her happiness family.


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