Essay Post #3 Class #6, Class#7


Blog Post #3 Class#6, Class #7

Due: 7/23/18 Monday 12:00 AM

Visual Culture is what is seen. “Word and Image” W. T. J. Mitchell

What Do Pictures Want? W.T.J. Mitchell

1. This picture is from a photographic series called “Signs that Say What You Want Them To Say and Not Signs that Say What Someone Else Wants You To Say.” Photographer Gillian Wearing selected random people and asked them to write their thoughts on a piece of paper. MP-WEARG-00198-A-300

What does it mean to be desperate? Does this man look desperate? Why or why not? What can you tell me about this man by just looking at his appearance? How does the sign change your first impression? If you were photographed with a sign, what would your sign say? Wearing wants to remind us that we make assumptions about people without really knowing them. “A great deal of my work is about questioning handed-down truths.” In what other situations do we make assumptions before we have time to investigate?


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