Essay Post #5 Class#10

Due: 8/20/18 Monday 12:00 AM

Image and Loss. Watch The Twilight Zone Episode  ” Time Enough at Last”.

This essay post prompt in on the the idea of “Absence”. I would like you to use the Twilight Zone episode we saw in class, “Time Enough at Last”, and write about the notions of absence you felt were expressed in this episode.

During our last class we also talked about your film thesis and how it relates to the information you have learned in this class. I noticed all of the thesis ideas you expressed had some essence of absence in the narrative of your story. In addition to writing about the Twilight Zone episode, I want you to find the essence of absence in your own film thesis story, and write about it for the blog. Feel free to add other images or text that could be relevant to this topic.

Twilight Zone: Time Enough at Last New Link 8/13/2017


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