General Information Web links:


General Art Video links


Tate Museum

Blouin Artinfo

PBS Art 21 Full length videos

Matthew Collings Art Docs

Rules of Abstraction



Weekly Video Links

WK 1 Introduction to Visual Aesthetics

Visual Culture

Denis Dutton: A Darwinian Theory of Beauty Ted Talk

Animating Post Structuralism

WK 2: Ways of Seeing

John Berger Ways of Seeing

High/Low art

Ron English Street Artist

Baroque in the Streets

 What is Seen

Andy Goldsworthy Rivers and Tides

Lous Schwartzberg: Hidden Miracles of the Natural World Ted Talk

Stephen Wiltshire draws NYC.

Gestalt Principles of Perception.

Word as Image

A Brief History of John Baldessari

Thinking about images

Morning in America

TV Mind Control

Enemy Image Propaganda in War 8

Enemy Image, Propaganda in War 9


Plato’s Cave Analysis

Plato- Allegory of the Cave Animated

Constructed by the Gaze

Cindy Sherman Art 21


 Shifts in Production

Beauty of Visual Data Ted Talk

Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

RIP a Re Mix Manifesto


Images and Memory

Making Absence Visible

Tate Shots: Christian Boltanski

Robert Rauschenberg Erased De Kooning

Felix in Exile- William Kentridge

Twilight Zone : Time Enough At Last

Decasia excerpt 1


Promiscuous Lookers/Turning to Film

Slavoj Zizek on Blue Velvet

Slavoj Zizek on They Live

Slavoj Zizek on Titanic

Slavoj Zizek on Psyco, Norman Bates House

Slavoj Zizek on Jaws

Visual Themes of Wes Anderson

History of Montage

Boyhood and Andre Bazin

The Bad Sleep Composition

The Auteurs of Christmas

The Story of Film: An Odyessy

Regarding the Pain of Others


Gender and Beauty

Virgina Postrel: The Power of Glamour Ted Talk


 Reading Advertisements

Culture in Decline- Consumerism and Advertising

McDonald’s Advertisements in different countries

Bill Hicks on Marketing

Science of Persuasion


 Reading New Media and Digital Culture

Visual Design: Aesthetics of Evil

Grand Theft Auto Walkthrough

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