Below you will find a breakdown of reading by week as well as links to the reading for the course.
Class 1 (5/31) What is Visual Culture or Visual Studies:
“What are Images and What Are They For?” by John Michael Krois (pp. 1-7)
Supplemental: Post-Structuralism Explained Through Hipster Beards

Class 2 (6/7) Exploring “Ways of Seeing” by John Berger wk2 BergerWaysOfSeeing

Class 3 (6/21)   “Practices of Looking” by Lisa Cartwright and Marita Sturken (pp. 10-42) wk 3 practices-of-looking(1)

Class 4 (6/28) Reading New Media/Digital Culture: Reading New Media and Digital Culture.

Class 5 (7/5) High and Low Debate: The Work in the Street: Street Art and Visual Culture, by Martin Irvine. wk 4-street-art-and-visual-culture (pp. 1-30) Irvine-WorkontheStreet-images

Class 6 (7/12) Visual Culture is What is Seen  Word and Image Mitchell

Class 7 (7/19) Thinking About Images: “What do Pictures Want” by W.T.J. Mitchell.wk 6 mitchell_whatpictureswant   Word and Image” W. T. J. Mitchell

Class 8 (7/26) The Gaze: “In Plato’s Cave” by Susan Sontag. wk 7 sontagsusaninplatoscave(pp. 3-24)

 Class 9 (8/2) Shifts in Production: “Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” by Walter Benjamin. wk 8 benjamin-work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction

 Class 10 (8/9) Images and Memory: “Reflecting Absence” wk 9 Reflectingabsensce(all pages) Images in the Media: wk9 SontagRegardingthePainofOthers (pp. 1-20)

Class 11 (8/16): Visual Interpretations of Race and Class. va-11-raceidentity-artist-research  va11-race-and-identity-in-contemporary-art

Class 12 (8/23) Gender and Beauty: On the Cutting Edge: “Cosmetic Surgery and the Technological Production of the Gendered Body” Anne Balsamo. wk 11 Balsamo Visual Culture Reader, pp. 223-232) WK 11 Gender and Beauty

Class 13 (8/30) Reading and Advertisements: Lifestyle, aesthetics and narrative in luxury domain advertising, by Barbara Flueckiger. FlueckigerLifestyleAdvertisement

Class 14 (9/6) Individual Student Presentations

Class 15 (9/13) Individual Student Presentations




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